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The Warmest Places in Europe in Autumn

When summer’s in full swing in the UK, it’s a great time to stay home and enjoy a local road trip in the British countryside. But what about when Autumn comes around? There are a whole host of warmer destinations within reach, many of which are best experienced by car. Taking your own vehicle can give you the feeling of getting away from it all whilst taking your world with you, and best of all you don’t have to get used to driving another car! Here are some top options for Autumn which will still provide you with that summer holiday feeling.

Andalucia, Spain

With temperatures still regularly reaching the low 30’s, Andalucia in Spain is an ideal driving destination for Autumn. Drive along the stunning coast and then take in the spectacular views along picturesque winding roads up into the Andalucian Mountains, where the weather is cooler. Do be aware that on the spot fines are in effect for motorists in Spain, so drive carefully and always observe local driving rules!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

For many holidaying motorists, Dubrovnik and the surrounding area is the highlight of any trip to Croatia. Following the Southern Dalmation coast, the views across the Adriatic Sea are certainly something very special. Make sure you factor in extra time to stop along the way, since you will certainly want to make the most of what is often listed as one of the top 10 drives in the world.

St Tropez, France

So easy and accessible from the UK, taking your car to France is one of the most worthwhile driving trips you can make, and temperatures in St Tropez are ideal in Autumn. Taking the justifiably popular scenic route is slower, but far prettier and with less tolls to pay into the bargain. Even better, driving at a more leisurely pace through the St Tropez hills means you can take in the landscape and use less fuel while you’re doing it, making for happy driving all round.

Rhodes, Greece

Safe and well-maintained roads, beautiful sea views and balmy temperatures make Rhodes a cracking Autumn road trip. Remember you have to be at least 18 to drive in Greece, but that aside, it is well worth ferry tripping your car over to this beautiful and rewarding island. Don’t forget your breakdown cover and to carry all your important documents with you.

Wherever you decide to go this Autumn, bringing your own car can avoid all the hassle and expense of car hire. Be sure to provide yourself with top-notch breakdown cover from Breakdown Direct before you set off, and write yourself a checklist in advance of things you want to take with you so you can relax and enjoy yourself once you are on the road.