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Top 3 Reasons to Protect Your Fleet with Breakdown Cover

So many companies and businesses are reliant on their fleet being in top condition and excellent working order at all times in order to ensure the smooth running of business operations. But what happens if a vehicle in your fleet breaks down? An unreliable fleet can communicate all the wrong messages to the customer. Fortunately, fleet breakdown cover is widely available and goes a long way to provide peace of mind. Here are the top 3 reasons to protect your fleet with breakdown cover should you need any further convincing.

All Types of Vehicles Are Covered Within the Same Fleet

Most businesses these days need flexibility, convenience and economy from their fleet. This could mean a mix of different types of vehicles, from vans and trucks to micro cars and motorcycles. Fleet breakdown cover will cover a broad mix of vehicles within one fleet, giving every business the protection it needs for their fleet, large or small.

Fleet Breakdown Cover Provides Onward Travel

If a fleet vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, it won’t change the fact that you or your driver need to reach the destination as soon as possible. In the event of this happening, depending on the cover, fleet breakdown cover can assist by providing an alternative vehicle to get you there. This invaluable service will ensure as little disruption as possible to your business’ transport schedule and allow you to keep your promises and meet your targets.

Fleet Breakdown Cover is Hassle-Free

Running a business or organization involves a huge amount of paperwork at the best of times, so the thought of adding to it with breakdown cover logistics is the last thing most businesses will want to deal with. But with many fleet breakdown services being automated in so many ways, the hassle really is minimized. Breakdown policies can be checked online with ease, and likewise can be changed or upgraded without having to pick up the phone. Another convenient option is to set up renewal alerts for fleet breakdown cover to make sure there is no gap in your fleet’s cover. It’s all too easy to let a policy lapse and then have an unpleasant surprise in the event of a vehicle breaking down, so an automated renewal makes things that much easier.

The bottom line is that by protecting your fleet with breakdown cover you are ultimately protecting your business too, and keeping your fleet on the road is an important aspect of this.