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The Rise of the Electric Fleet

Despite the considerable cost of the initial layout, electric vehicles as a fleet option are gaining in popularity year on year. Particularly suited to urban businesses, the electric fleet is supporting more and more businesses both in the UK and abroad. There are a whole host of factors to consider for those who are speculating on whether to invest in an electric fleet, while some businesses are opting to make the transition by replacing their fleet with electric vehicles gradually. Whatever the choices are today, one thing is certain: the electric fleet is here to stay.


A significant and pertinent factor for the fleet industry, the cleaner, greener operation of an electric fleet is a huge boon. With mounting pressure from environmentalists and overwhelming evidence of the serious impact of carbon emissions on air quality, the Government is supportive of greener business practices and an electric fleet is a key part of this drive. Today’s businesses are also aware of the influence that being more environmentally responsible has on their customer base. All of these factors make for a compelling case to make the switch to electric. 


The expense involved in investing in an electric fleet may be considerable, but in the long term it pays off. The cost per mile adds up to far less than a traditional fuel car, which is an attractive factor. Electricity is a cheap, efficient energy source for a fleet vehicle and all the savings are then passed on to the company that runs the fleet, but there are other huge savings to factor in too: no road tax, no congestion charge for fleets operating in central London, free parking in many areas around the UK, attractive tax breaks for businesses, and top of all this lower insurance premiums make the electric vehicle a smart financial choice.


The biggest drawback that is currently hampering the advancement of the electric vehicle and delaying it from dominating the fleet market is the fact that almost all electric vehicles are only suitable for relatively short distances. The amount of ground an electric vehicle can cover on a single charge is certainly limited, and charging stations outside of cities are not easy to locate. But while fleets with high mileage are not sufficiently catered to by the electric car industry just yet, the technology is advancing all the time, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this rapidly evolving sector regardless of your fleet’s mileage requirements.

In just a few short years, the electric vehicle’s use within the fleet industry has exploded, with benefits across the board for all